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Rezolve Wellness Center is a non-profit organization that provides weight loss therapy and education to patients who can not financially afford a weight loss program. These patients are in desperate need of losing weight but due to financial issues, are not able to join our program. The Walk With Your Doctor weight loss program was designed by Dr. Shindana Feagins through her own struggle with losing weight. In an effort to find a way to help her patients lose weight while working on her own weight loss journey, Dr. Feagins came up with a program that would not only hold her accountable to her patients, but also they could be accountable to her. Through helping her patients lose weight, she found that some of her patients however, could not afford such a weight loss program, so she came up with the idea of forming Rezolve Wellness Center.

Rezolve Wellness Center became a non-profit organization on September 4, 2013, and is a program that strives to help those in need of improving their health and wellness through weight reduction. The vision of Rezolve Wellness Center is to improve the body image of each individual patient while helping the patient arrive at his or her weight loss goal, through education and medical therapy, while nurturing the patient’s growth and development throughout their journey.

Today, more than 93 million Americans are affected by the disease of obesity. If you are affected by obesity or care for individuals affected, we ask that you join the OAC today and help us strengthen our voice. Together we DO make a difference.

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