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Below is a breakdown of our 12 Week Weight Loss Program.

Rezolve Wellness offers scholarships for thoseĀ patients who cannot financial afford our program This program only offers Lipo B shots. Lipo Laser and Lipo B pills are not apart of this program. Criteria for Rezolve Program: minimum of 20 lbs needed to lose and financialĀ need based on TennCare Insurance

12 week schedule

Week #1 – exam, vitals and labs and Behavior Modification Counseling Session/Introduction to “My Fitness Pal” and journaling; get patients email address and start email conversations and motivational emails for follow up with patients; assess for food allergies during exam
Week #2 – follow up w/ Healthcare Professionalsrd for vitals and meet w/ Exercise/Nutrition Consultant for fitness assessment (individual # – Basal Metabolic Rate, BMI, and body fat percentage); Identify safe target goals; patient starts weekly Lipo B shots.
Week #3 – Chef Session
Week #4-12 follow up with medical assistant – progression and vitals (blood pressure, blood sugar if diabetic, weight, BMI); body measurements at weeks 1, 4, 8 and 12
Week #6 and #10 follow up with Exercise/Nutrition Consultant
Week #6 and #12 follow up with Behavior Modification Consultant and Massage Therapy
Week #9 – second chef session
Weeks #3, #7 and #11 – Walk with Healthcare professional (location, date and time TBA)

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